A Day Trip To London

A Day Trip To London

Being able to just hop on a train to London in the morning and be back in Paris in the evening is something I’m VERY grateful for. The Eurostar is so awesome for that. This wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t booked very affordable tickets. The only condition to get that price was to come back on the same day. We didn’t have to think twice before we decided to book the early train ride (7:43 am!) and come back in the evening. We would make this a shopping day and the tradition to have an annual trip to…

A Day in Brighton

A few years ago I almost got to live in Brighton for 6 months for my studies. I chose to stay in Paris instead in the end and I finally got the chance to visit recently. It was important for us to spend a day by the seaside after a week in London; we just wanted to extend the trip a bit more and enjoy the fresh air. And that we did, as it was really windy and not very warm. I absolutely loved the victorian houses in Brighton, the lanes, and the fact that the city can hold something as impressive as the…

Scones at The Parlour

London 2015 Photo Diary: Scones & South Kensington

During my few previous trips to London, I’ve never had the chance to try proper english scones and I was really upset about it. For my fourth visit, I made it my mission to eat scones, and I was very much willing to accept it. As we weren’t really that ecstatic about spending £25 on an afternoon tea, we settled for something a little more decent for our budget and chose to relax at The Parlour (located on the first floor of Fortnum & Mason) after a full day of shopping. During the week we also managed to set foot…

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