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6 TV Shows I’d Tell My Girlfriends To Watch

Now of course there’s no such thing as shows for women, I believe everyone should watch whatever they fancy, but I’ve actually had today’s blog post idea while recommending some of these shows to my friend before her long-haul flight and I thought it would be the right time to share these with you too. Autumn is coming and if you’ve got nothing to watch (but I doubt that as all the good shows are coming back soon), feel free to pick some from this list! Big Little Lies I know it’s been recommended a million times everywhere and I’ve…

3 Shows To Watch

3 TV Shows To Watch

It’s been a while since I talked about tv series here, but I’ve been watching a few new shows and these are in my opinion well worth the time! The Astronaut Wives Club I was a little bored this Summer and decided to start the show when I took a plane to fly out of the country. It’s a show about going to the moon, but mostly about progress and women in a constantly evolving society. The main characters are made of 7 different wives (and their husbands) and these women, my friends, are pretty inspiring. From their looks to…

Favorite TV Shows

Some Of My Favorite TV Shows

Image Sources: 1 & 2 I love to watch tv shows, it’s a fact. For years I’ve been trying to keep up with everything but the thing is that it’s impossible. So now whenever I want to relax, I choose to watch an episode here and there.  According Betaseries, I watch a total of 96 shows (on and off, running and finished). To be clear, I have no intention of talking about them all. However, I’m willing to talk about some of my all time favorites, as I can be quite passionate about them. A lot have already ended, but it’s…

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