Calvi, Corse

Take me to Corsica

It’s well overdue but I’m finally getting round to showing you some photos of Corsica. I’ve decided on a whim, after finding cheap tickets, to join my parents and spend a few days (not even a full week) in Calvi, from the North of Corsica. It was my first time in Corsica and I really didn’t know what to expect. All the people I know who had been there already kept telling me they loved the island so much. They were right. It’s absolutely delightful. Beautiful beaches, splendid weather, good wine & good cheese too. It’s no coincidence that we…

Stockholm City Guide

What I Got Up To In Stockholm: Day 3 & 4

Hey everyone! I’m back today with the second (and last) part of this short solo trip (my first one!). I explored other neighborhoods on day 3 & 4 and visited local stores as well. I’ll talk about my favorite places to go shopping and eat in Stockholm. Day 3: Norrmalm, Vasatan & Kungsholmen I woke up on the third day under a gloomy sky and rain brushing the bedroom window. I didn’t have any concrete plans except to wander in Norrmalm, an area where all the good stores are located. I didn’t really know how much time I would spend…

Stockholm City Guide

What I Got Up To In Stockholm: A City Guide (Day 1 & 2)

As a city built on fourteen islands (which are parts of an archipelago of 30 000 islands, no less), there’s no doubt Stockholm can be a bit overwhelming at first. With my trusty city guide in hand, I looked for places to stay in Södermalm, a lively neighborhood I knew I would feel « safe » to come back to at night if needed; as a girl traveling solo I didn’t want to have to walk more than 10 minutes in empty streets. The Airbnb I stayed in was in a great location. The metro stop was Skanstull, on the green line,…

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