A Quick Guide to Starting out with Plants

Here’s to those who think they don’t have it in them to keep their plants alive! I had never even owned a plant before moving into my own apartment but I knew from the beginning that plants would be the key pieces to add life to a very still space. And if like me you have no idea what to put on your walls (apart from mirrors and clocks), they’re a great addition for decoration. That’s why I’m giving you 5 simple tips today to show you that with a little bit of commitment, you can add greenery to your…

My Blogging Process and Tools | My Slumbering Heart

My Blogging Process and Tools

To be honest, life hasn’t been very exciting these past few weeks. Hence the lack of inspiration (and time, currently working on a side project for a friend) leading me to leave this space a bit ‘unloved’. Which is really strange as I was so happy with my content last month. Or was it the month before? I don’t know, time flies, I can’t believe we’ve already started August. Anyway… it happens. So, in order to cure writer’s block, I thought, what better way than telling you all about my process and how I create my content? Fingers crossed I’m…

What to do when you think you’ve lost your focus

What To Do When You Think You’ve Lost Your Focus

And what I mean by losing your focus is feeling like we’re all over the place, sometimes pursuing our life without any direction, forgetting what matters most to us and what we really need to dedicate our energy to. Whether it be with your personal life, your job or your blog, days can go by in a flash without us being really productive or at least without working towards our goals (which of course you have the right to take a break from eventually). But if you feel like you’ve been feeling lost or under the weather lately, here are…

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