What to do when you think you’ve lost your focus

What To Do When You Think You’ve Lost Your Focus

And what I mean by losing your focus is feeling like we’re all over the place, sometimes pursuing our life without any direction, forgetting what matters most to us and what we really need to dedicate our energy to. Whether it be with your personal life, your job or your blog, days can go by in a flash without us being really productive or at least without working towards our goals (which of course you have the right to take a break from eventually). But if you feel like you’ve been feeling lost or under the weather lately, here are…

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Things To Do If You’re Not Going On Holiday

So we all know how many people like to take a long holiday in the Summer months to escape their daily lives for a while, and it’s such a precious feeling to be able to do just that and either rest or explore a different city, a different country perhaps. But what about the people who don’t? Taking time off is super important in my opinion, you just can’t go on if you don’t hit pause from time to time and if you have the ability to stray from your work for a little while, it’s wonderful. Today I want…

Build Your Own Wardrobe

How to Build & Organize Your Own Wardrobe

I’ve yet to post my bedroom tour (there’s not much else than a bed and a wardrobe anyway!) but something I wanted to talk about is how I organized my wardrobe. It was necessary to start from scratch as the space was empty in the room and because of its weird sizing, I had to have it custom-made. You could, of course, take those tips with you and apply them to an Ikea wardrobe, it would work just the same! Plan it out If you happen to have the chance to choose the layout of your wardrobe, it must be…

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