What changed since I've started reading blogs and writing one

What Changed Since I’ve Started Reading Blogs And Writing One

I don’t remember if told you this fact already but, I used to have an “internet presence” long ago. I once had a Myspace, LiveJournal, the lot, before I ended up setting up my own space. My first dip into the online world was even through making fansites. Although this era kind of makes me laugh now, looking back, it allowed for two amazing things to happen: I’ve made a job out of that past time (I mean developing websites, no more fansites, thanks) and I’ve met two of my very best friends through them. It’s been over 10 years…

Thoughts on living alone, a year later.

Thoughts on Living Alone, a Year Later

This week marks the first anniversary of moving towards another kind of day to day. I’ve moved into my own place to live alone a year ago now and, as you probably know, I’ve already talked several times about the subject – things I’ve learned living solo, things I’ve learned from buying my first flat and leaving home at 26 – but this time I wanted to dig deeper. Figuring out what to expect from life First of all, we all need different things in life. To some, it might be to settle down and start a family, to others…

Be Your Own Cheerleader

Be Your Own (Cheer)Leader

This is not a fashion post. Or maybe it is one in disguise. But I wanted to illustrate this personal post with a picture of myself and this turned out to be some kind of a photoshoot in the end and an occasion to renew my profile picture to fit the theme. So this is a bit new but I guess that’s okay! Going on with today’s topic, which is very close to my heart… A little bit of a backstory When I look back on my younger years, I know that I have been several times in the shadow…

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