The Defining Mug

Can a Mug Really Define You?

If there’s one personality trait I know I’ve got, it’s to be picky. So when I got to start my new client work a month ago, I resolved to bring my own mug at work. I know it is such a common and boring thing that all office workers are accustomed to, but I just didn’t have that habit at my previous job. Obviously, I’m a big over-thinker, and it took me 2 weeks to actually decide on which mug to take. In fact, I had to go mug shopping because I didn’t like the ones I had at home. All of them…

Kitchen and Table Accessories

The other day I wanted to shoot pictures for a recipe to put on the blog and I was so bored with the tableware I had at home that I figured I would go shopping. I came back with a bill higher than expected of course but really happy with my choices, though it felt a bit odd buying one plate or one glass and not a full set. Anyway, you’ll soon discover my purchases in the next food post. In the meantime, I wanted to show you some table accessories that are currently or have been in my wishlist!…

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