Beauty discoveries

Beauty Discoveries & What’s on my Wishlist

You know that time when you run out of everything all at once? Yeah, it did happen to me last month and I « was forced » to repurchase a few products. With that and the mini launch of Glossier at Colette (the brand was supposed to be available until the store closes in December but they didn’t restock much and almost everything had gone on the first day), I must say my beauty budget went through the roof. I can be very loyal to a brand (I see you Bobbi Brown) so in the end, I don’t try out many new…

New in Beauty

New Reds & Skincare

This post was long overdue but I don’t think I could have missed an opportunity to talk about some of my favorites newest products. I don’t talk about beauty very often here, but those who know me are aware of my affection for all things beauty and especially makeup. So here we go! The first thing you should know is that I’m a fan of Bobbi Brown products. I think it’s probably my favorite brand and I always go back to them when in doubt. I wrote a little something (that’s kind of old now but still pretty accurate) about why I love…

Oh My Cream / Skincare Routine

Oh My Cream / Skincare Routine

Finally, another beauty post! Kinda missed the light subjects. Oh My Cream! is a concept store in Paris that I heard about for years but never dared to visit in person. Instead, I lurked behind their online shop without even buying anything. Yep, very exciting – I’m a good girl, right? As I mentioned in my last wishlist post, I really wanted to try out Pai‘s new serum but wasn’t quite sure it was going to be appropriate for my skin so I decided to go to the store, as it is one of the few (if not the only…

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