Cod + Zucchini noodles

Cod + Zucchini Noodles

I’ve always cooked during the week, more or less elaborated meals, but it seems I’m on a roll these days, having made brioche last weekend, this dish on Monday night, and tomato sauce for an eggplant tart on Tuesday night. I’m loving it and I’m even looking at blenders right now to potentially get one! So it seems there will be a lot of cooking involved in 2018, and I’m excited about it! As I’m cooking for one, these « measurements » go for a party of one kind of dish, but you can of course double them if needed.

Tuna Bagel Recipe

Tuna Bagel

This is the first salted recipe here on MSH and I assure you those tuna & cheddar bagels are really quick and easy to make for lunch. You can make your own bagels (hmmm!) or buy some, it works just fine and it’s even faster. For 2 sandwiches.

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