Healthy Recipes

Healthy(ish) Recipes I’d Like to Try

In an attempt to improve my lifestyle, I’m currently trying to vary my meals and integrate food that I’m not habitually used to eat in order to balance things out a bit more. Pinterest is a great place to discover healthy recipes for a lower cost than buying cookbooks that are sometimes just very specific (don’t get me wrong, I want them all nonetheless) and request the use of not so common ingredients (which basically stops me from wanting to cook the actual dish). So here are a few dishes I want to try to recreate at home because they…

Food Photography

Thoughts about Food Photography

I must admit that I have a weakness for cookbooks. Beautiful cookbooks. When I enter a bookshop, I can spend hours going through all the cookbooks. I mean.. how salivating are those pictures for god’s sake?? Ha… how I wish the pictures for my recipes were that amazing! A while ago (I think it was last March), I came across the Oh My Blog events (a french blog school set up by two lovely girls, Marie & Anouk) and joined in to follow a food photography class. I didn’t have a blog at the moment but was really curious about…

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