Chanel Nail Polish

New Shades

Enjoying the close-up? Yeah, thought so. At least I hope you can really get what the colors look like cause I tried to keep that intact ! So the other day I wanted to paint my nails and there was NOTHING to tempt me. Like I couldn’t choose. Nothing was right for my mood. I know, real problems I’ve got here. So that situation called for a trip to Sephora as I decided I needed a new autumn shade. I was looking for something quite similar to Essie Bordeaux, which I loved but turned out pretty badly within a year (that’s…

Chanel Le Vernis

Chanel Le vernis

Now this may be an unpopular opinion but I do LOVE Chanel nail polishes. Surely, they chip. But they’re not THAT terrible. With one or two touch ups, they last a week (just like any other polish) on my fingers. Here’s a little explanation about why I like them.

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