A Quick Guide to Starting out with Plants

Here’s to those who think they don’t have it in them to keep their plants alive! I had never even owned a plant before moving into my own apartment but I knew from the beginning that plants would be the key pieces to add life to a very still space. And if like me you have no idea what to put on your walls (apart from mirrors and clocks), they’re a great addition for decoration. That’s why I’m giving you 5 simple tips today to show you that with a little bit of commitment, you can add greenery to your…

My Plant Collection | Scindapsus Pictus

My Plant Collection

I think that along with the excitement of having to buy all the furniture for my flat when I moved in, I was terribly thrilled to finally add a touch of greenery. I never cared much for plants when I was living at my parents’ because I wasn’t the one taking care of them, obviously, but I have the vivid memory of a great Sansevieria that my parents owned back then that was spectacular. So spectacular that my baby brother had left his print by biting into one of the leaves and you could see the marks of his tiny…

Florence, Italie - Botanical Garden

Florence’s Botanical Garden (& a video!)

Hi, guys! I’m so glad that it’s finally the weekend. I hope you’re all well and rested, ready to make the most of your Sunday! I’m finishing off my series of posts from Florence with a bunch of shots from the Botanical Garden. I absolutely loved taking pictures of the beautiful plants that surrounded me in there so I’m very happy to share them today! The Botanical Garden in Florence is such a quiet place away from the buzz of the city, it’s actually quite refreshing. However, if you plan on going during your stay in Florence, I would recommend wearing…

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