Paris 4th: Ile St Louis

Paris 1st & 4th: Ile St Louis and Place Dauphine

Ahh Paris! Long time no see. Meeting up with a friend of mine at the end of May for a quiet afternoon on the Île Saint-Louis (a natural island in the Seine river), I thought it was the perfect occasion to take photos of this beautiful neighbourhood and take you along! It really is a nice walk along the Seine and the streets on the island house a lot of shops, restaurants and even flower shops. Will you look at those sunflowers?! *heart eyes emoji* It is usually quite crowded and you’ll probably find a lot of people queuing for a Berthillon ice-cream. I always go for…

The Louvre, Paris

Paris 1st: The Louvre

We’re having a bunch of beautiful sunny days in Paris, so I jumped on the occasion while I was near the Concorde and had my camera with me to walk down the Tuileries and take some shots of the Louvre. What a crazy idea to do that on a Saturday, at one of the most visited places by tourists. But I don’t have the chance to do things like that on a weekday right now so I did my best to avoid the odd people that feel the need to lay back on the pyramids, arms wide open, right when…


How Do You Scrapbook?

For me, scrapbooking is something that is essential to keep memories organized and at hand reach if I ever want to drag myself down memory lane. However, I’m kinda lazy with the whole process and only take care of it when I have several days off ahead of me and some time to spend at home. That’s why I’ve been a little bit behind in the scrapbook department! Also I wanted to point out that I’m doing very basic scrapbooking so I’m not talking about any decorative or creative things right here. I’m not particularly gifted to do that. What I…

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