Paris in the Fall | The Tuileries

Paris in the Fall: The Tuileries Garden

I’m rushing up to publish this post because wow it doesn’t even feel like it’s Autumn anymore already! The weather is absolutely unbelievable, we even had snow last week. It’s something that didn’t even happen at all last year, and when it does happen, snow usually comes in January in Paris.  Anyway, I’m super happy to show you the photos I took in the Tuileries Garden a couple of weeks ago. There must be some kind of magic around there because I’m always amazed by the light that softly brushes the trees and the leaves in the garden. It also…

Paris | 12th arrondissement

Weekend Stroll Around Paris’ 12th Arrondissement

If you were here when I opened this blog 2 years ago, one of my first posts was some shots of the « Coulée Verte », a promenade in Paris that expands throughout the 12th arrondissement. I plan on going back there soon to take a few more photos as I now live close by and haven’t gone back since. In the meantime, I wandered around a couple of streets in my neighborhood and I’m pretty chuffed by the fact that it’s so easy now to just get out the door with my camera and find pretty places to photograph. It’s pretty…

Paris: 6th Arrondissement


I was supposed to work on the next blog posts yesterday, but I just couldn’t. I didn’t have the heart to do anything so I just stayed home trying to not think about what happened. It wasn’t a common Saturday anyway. Even if from time to time I turned on the news on TV, I switched off social media. I couldn’t take it anymore, seeing all these faces of missing people on Twitter, and then later, those same people saying that the search was over. It was over. And then today I felt the need to post something. What happened…

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