Paris From Above

Last week I was telling you about reconnecting with photography and by that, I meant shooting photos just for the sake of it, outside of blog duties. It’s not a time of year prone to travel for me and the motivation to get out of the flat to wander off in the streets of Paris with my camera when it’s bloody cold outside has frankly been missing lately. But now that I’ve met a few other photography lovers, it’s really motivating to get back to it. We went to see an exhibition about British photography hosted by Burberry and had…

Notre-Dame de Paris

Paris is Blooming

I feel like everyone in the world where Spring has started has been patiently waiting for a hint of color in the trees to come back and now the blooming season has finally started. So last weekend when my friend Candice, who’s been waiting for ages to photograph the cherry blossoms, has asked me to join her in the center of Paris, I jumped on the occasion and took my camera with me. The small square in front of Notre-Dame was absolutely stunning as the cherry trees displayed their beautiful leaves and flowers. It was of course very crowded as…

Paris in the Fall | The Tuileries

Paris in the Fall: The Tuileries Garden

I’m rushing up to publish this post because wow it doesn’t even feel like it’s Autumn anymore already! The weather is absolutely unbelievable, we even had snow last week. It’s something that didn’t even happen at all last year, and when it does happen, snow usually comes in January in Paris.  Anyway, I’m super happy to show you the photos I took in the Tuileries Garden a couple of weeks ago. There must be some kind of magic around there because I’m always amazed by the light that softly brushes the trees and the leaves in the garden. It also…

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