Lessons Learnt From the Past Year

Lessons Learnt From The Past Year

I’m turning 28 today! And I don’t usually write this kind of posts but as it happens to be in sync with my posting day, I realized it could be interesting to reflect on the past year and (maybe) prepare the next. In the same vibe, I really enjoyed reading Laetitia’s life lessons for her 30th birthday (only available in French) and it inspired me to think about everything I’ve learned this year. I tend to be a little nostalgic when my birthday approaches. I’m a bit of a control freak and I hate losing my time. Most generally I…

Thoughts on Traveling Alone

Traveling Alone For The First Time: How I’m Feeling

Some of you may know that I’ve dipped my toes into the world of solo travelers last week, as I’ve tried to update my Instagram feed and stories as I went. I chose to visit Stockholm, as it was a place that intrigued me, that I knew was not too far out from France in Europe, and was still a country that excels at English communications! Also, I knew the interior design stores would bring me so much joy! I think it’s hard to describe how I’m really feeling towards this experience, and while I was being there I couldn’t…

Thoughts on living alone, a year later.

Thoughts on Living Alone, a Year Later

This week marks the first anniversary of moving towards another kind of day to day. I’ve moved into my own place to live alone a year ago now and, as you probably know, I’ve already talked several times about the subject – things I’ve learned living solo, things I’ve learned from buying my first flat and leaving home at 26 – but this time I wanted to dig deeper. Figuring out what to expect from life First of all, we all need different things in life. To some, it might be to settle down and start a family, to others…

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