Paris From Above

Last week I was telling you about reconnecting with photography and by that, I meant shooting photos just for the sake of it, outside of blog duties. It’s not a time of year prone to travel for me and the motivation to get out of the flat to wander off in the streets of Paris with my camera when it’s bloody cold outside has frankly been missing lately. But now that I’ve met a few other photography lovers, it’s really motivating to get back to it. We went to see an exhibition about British photography hosted by Burberry and had…

Greenhouse | Serres du Jardin des Plantes

Things To Do If You’re Not Going On Holiday

So we all know how many people like to take a long holiday in the Summer months to escape their daily lives for a while, and it’s such a precious feeling to be able to do just that and either rest or explore a different city, a different country perhaps. But what about the people who don’t? Taking time off is super important in my opinion, you just can’t go on if you don’t hit pause from time to time and if you have the ability to stray from your work for a little while, it’s wonderful. Today I want…

Paris | Etienne Marcel

Paris City Guide: 2nd Arrondissement

Hi lovelies, I hope you’re all well. I’m all over the place lately: I’ve been coding a whole website for my dad and thinking about personal projects at the same time (by the way, anyone wanting to pay me for a new blog design so I can upgrade either my camera or phone? haha). Needless to say the time spent on the blog these last weeks has been reduced even more. So when I asked you on Twitter if it was fine to come up with another Paris photography post, you guys seemed okay with it so here we are….

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