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New Reds & Skincare

This post was long overdue but I don’t think I could have missed an opportunity to talk about some of my favorites newest products. I don’t talk about beauty very often here, but those who know me are aware of my affection for all things beauty and especially makeup. So here we go! The first thing you should know is that I’m a fan of Bobbi Brown products. I think it’s probably my favorite brand and I always go back to them when in doubt. I wrote a little something (that’s kind of old now but still pretty accurate) about why I love…

Chanel Nail Polish

New Shades

Enjoying the close-up? Yeah, thought so. At least I hope you can really get what the colors look like cause I tried to keep that intact ! So the other day I wanted to paint my nails and there was NOTHING to tempt me. Like I couldn’t choose. Nothing was right for my mood. I know, real problems I’ve got here. So that situation called for a trip to Sephora as I decided I needed a new autumn shade. I was looking for something quite similar to Essie Bordeaux, which I loved but turned out pretty badly within a year (that’s…

Beauty From the US

Beauty Bits From the US

When in vacation abroad, let’s be honest, if like me you’re the slightest bit addicted to makeup, you’re always gonna rush through the aisles of beauty stores looking for brands that aren’t available in your home country. Of course that’s what I did when I was in San Francisco (not so many Sephoras out there in the desert), and with a not-so-serious-about-it shopping list that was pretty heavy, I think I ended up being quite reasonable, keeping it to a few “essential” items. 1. Tweezerman Tweezers After hearing Anna rave about them over and over and due to the fact that…

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