5 Make-Up Essentials

5 Make-Up Essentials

Disclaimer: this post is NOT sponsored by Bobbi Brown at all! It’s been a while I haven’t talked about beauty around here, probably due to the fact I don’t buy much in the product department nowadays. I’m much more conscious about the things I buy and I’m able to only buy the essentials, leading to me saving up more money! This is a choice I made for myself but of course, everyone’s free to spend their money as they like. I’ve talked about it before, but basically I just buy what needs replacing, either with a good product that I’m…

New in Beauty

New Reds & Skincare

This post was long overdue but I don’t think I could have missed an opportunity to talk about some of my favorites newest products. I don’t talk about beauty very often here, but those who know me are aware of my affection for all things beauty and especially makeup. So here we go! The first thing you should know is that I’m a fan of Bobbi Brown products. I think it’s probably my favorite brand and I always go back to them when in doubt. I wrote a little something (that’s kind of old now but still pretty accurate) about why I love…

Stuff I'm Loving at The Moment

Stuff I’m Loving at the Moment

Oh so it’s been a while I haven’t updated you on my recent loves and things I’ve enjoyed lately so I thought, hey, why not make one of those posts today?! Beauty-wise, I really enjoy doing my makeup these days. Although I don’t have a dressing table anymore to apply it, it’s such a joy to be able to make the most of the direct daylight in my bathroom and using a large mirror as well! While we’re on the topic, my latest beauty purchase is the Re(marc)able Concealer from Marc Jacobs and I can say I’m blown away by…

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