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Let’s Sit Down and Have a Chat

It’s a rare thing for me to just talk about completely random topics in a single post, but I thought I’d pop by and explain the absence, update you on a few things and share links to articles I enjoyed lately, if that’s okay with you. Yes? Let’s go then! As you may know, I’ve bought a flat a few weeks ago and it’s been pretty much taking all of my energy lately, along with work and family matters. The flat is not fit to live in right now as I’ve got renovations going on, but progress is being made….

Six Blogs To Follow

Six Blogs To Follow

From now on and once in a while, I’ll be sharing some of the new blogs recently added to my Bloglovin’ feed as I think they deserve to be featured here given that they are very inspiring and they very well reflect what I’m into at the moment. Brittany Makes For DIY lovers and inspiration seekers, Brittany’s blog is so refreshing. Her home is gorgeous and her interior pictures incredible. Plus, we share the same birthday! Butter and Brioche You guys know I like to bake from time to time and even though it’s been a while since the last…

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