Florence, Italy - Vivoli

Florence City Guide (Part 2)

Hey there! I’ve recently noticed that I didn’t even write an introduction to my previous post and first part of my Florence guide. I’m so sorry for that and so ashamed! I was so focused on the content itself that I just… forgot. And proof-reading didn’t even help. That’s why I really want to introduce this one properly while also keeping it short. So I went to Italy at the end of August. I only stayed a week in Florence and a day in Cinque Terre. I wrote about Florence once in the past, but it really was a shorter…

Florence, Italy - The Duomo

Florence City Guide (Part 1)

The Duomo One of the most central and touristy point of attraction in Florence is undeniably the Duomo. I love the fact that the area is completely “pedonale”. A lot of Florence can only be visited by foot as cars are prohibited from the central area. In that sense, it is so very different from Paris and it’s contributing to creating that special atmosphere of turmoil and timelessness. Horses can walk right by your side! If you’re in the area, grab yourself a refreshing smoothie and enjoy the view! You can have smoothies or freshly squeezed juices kind of everywhere…

Cinque Terre: Manarola

Cinque Terre: My First Time in the Picturesque National Park

At the end of August, I flew to Italy for a week to meet with my family that was on holiday in Florence. I really needed to hit pause, see something new, and get out of my routine for a while.  I have a lot of pictures to share with you and I’m still sorting out and editing the shots I took in Florence, but as I also had the chance to set foot in Cinque Terre, a national park in the Liguria region and on the Italian Riviera, that’s where we’ll start today. Cinque Terre, which literally means « Five…

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