Interiors: The Bedroom Tour

I hope you’re not tired of hearing me talk about my flat already (thank god I have a tiny one, right?!) but here is the last room: my bedroom! I’ve had the whole flat done, everything was a mess when I got the keys (electricity, plumbing, walls, floors, everything except the windows that are the only thing I kept). I might do a final round-up post with before and after pictures so you have an idea of how far we’ve come. The reason I’m posting this tour only now is that I didn’t have any hanging light for so long…

My Plant Collection | Scindapsus Pictus

My Plant Collection

I think that along with the excitement of having to buy all the furniture for my flat when I moved in, I was terribly thrilled to finally add a touch of greenery. I never cared much for plants when I was living at my parents’ because I wasn’t the one taking care of them, obviously, but I have the vivid memory of a great Sansevieria that my parents owned back then that was spectacular. So spectacular that my baby brother had left his print by biting into one of the leaves and you could see the marks of his tiny…

Interiors: Kitchen Tour

Interiors: The Kitchen Tour

As promised, I’m happy to welcome you into my little flat and today we’re visiting the kitchen! There’s no entry hall in my flat, I’ve decided to not have one so every inch of space is perfectly used and it allowed me to gain so much space. It’s also very pleasing to the eye as it makes the rooms seem larger. So once you set foot in my flat, you directly set foot in my kitchen! I agree it’s a little odd at first, but you get used to it and it’s actually better that way. I went for a…

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