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My Blogging Process and Tools

To be honest, life hasn’t been very exciting these past few weeks. Hence the lack of inspiration (and time, currently working on a side project for a friend) leading me to leave this space a bit ‘unloved’. Which is really strange as I was so happy with my content last month. Or was it the month before? I don’t know, time flies, I can’t believe we’ve already started August. Anyway… it happens. So, in order to cure writer’s block, I thought, what better way than telling you all about my process and how I create my content? Fingers crossed I’m…

Interiors: The Bedroom Tour

I hope you’re not tired of hearing me talk about my flat already (thank god I have a tiny one, right?!) but here is the last room: my bedroom! I’ve had the whole flat done, everything was a mess when I got the keys (electricity, plumbing, walls, floors, everything except the windows that are the only thing I kept). I might do a final round-up post with before and after pictures so you have an idea of how far we’ve come. The reason I’m posting this tour only now is that I didn’t have any hanging light for so long…

Spring Inspiration & Some New Pieces

Spring Inspiration & New Pieces

I don’t really know what is this post about. Do I want to show you the new items in my wardrobe that made my heart melt recently? Do I want to talk about what « floats my boat » lately in terms of style? Maybe a little bit of both. And maybe I also want to talk about how I’ve been embracing change and trying new things. I’ve been itching to clear out my wardrobe with the new season rolling in. Last time I did was when I moved out, almost a year ago now (!!!). I’m pretty sure there…

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