Home Decor: A Wishlist

Decorating My New Home: A Wishlist

With the joy of getting my own flat comes the fun of decorating every corner of the place (it’s so small there isn’t a lot of corners but that’s okay!). I’ve started ordering a few of the « big things » like the couch, bed, and kitchen appliances, but in terms of home decor, there’s still a lot to be done. I think I’m also waiting to settle in to add a bit of my personality into styling. 1. Pillows and cushions can bring colors into a neutral interior. I do love to keep things simple and to me, this cushion is…

Current Living Inspiration

Current Living Space / Home Decor Inspiration

1 | 2 If I ever have to follow another career path, I think being an interior designer/stylist would really be something I’d enjoy very much. I’m not saying I’d be very talented at it, but I would find it really exciting! Now I may have a problem these days as Pinterest might as well be my homepage as it is ALWAYS open in my browser but I’ve been pinning a lot these past few weeks and picked up quite a few ideas for my own flat. Wall lamps & Linen bed sheets There’s something quite luxurious about having your bedside lamp…

Home Inspiration

A Few More Inspiring Interior Pictures

As I’ve just came back from my first apartment viewing ever, I guess now is as good a time as any to post a few more gorgeous photos after I shared earlier what constitutes my dream flat. White walls and hardwood floors are still a requirement, but add touches of gold/color, a vintage couch, plants and a beautiful rug, and there you get a pretty defined idea of how I want things to look. I spent the week looking for ads and browsing home decor online shops, but my activity on Pinterest only proves how badly I can’t wait to polish a place…

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