Details From My Living Room

Styling a Small Space: The Living Room

Earlier this year I made the choice to move from the suburbs to get my own place in the city, and even if every m² is pricey, meaning I don’t get to have many of them, it’s a decision I definitely think is worth it if you like being at the heart of the excitement. Paris is always buzzing and I’m so close to everything now! The challenge, though, was to take this small space and turn it into something cozy and lovely yet functional at the same time because I do have a lot of stuff (yep I’m a…

Flat Renovation Project

My Flat Renovation Project

Ah, at least a moment to write a new blog post. I’ve just had a week of vacation and all I’ve done is going back and forth to my new flat and packing up stuff! Anyway, I decided it was time to take you down the road of my renovation project today so I’ll be talking about the whole process and how I’ve decided to style my new flat. When I was looking for a flat, I wasn’t really sure of what I wanted but I knew I didn’t want a brand new construction. I looked into a few old…

Things I've learnt from buying my first flat

Things I’ve Learnt From Buying My First Flat

Although I’m (still) not in my own flat yet, it’s been already 3 months that I’m officially a homeowner. A friend once asked if I felt like the kind of person that had it in them to just be as determined as this, like very confident and ready to face the long road that leads to buying a flat. And of course, I said no, I’m pretty scared and I don’t really know where I’m going, but if I’m determined about one thing, it’s that I need to go with the flow and do all the efforts to make things happen. Since…

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