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Things To Do If You’re Not Going On Holiday

So we all know how many people like to take a long holiday in the Summer months to escape their daily lives for a while, and it’s such a precious feeling to be able to do just that and either rest or explore a different city, a different country perhaps. But what about the people who don’t? Taking time off is super important in my opinion, you just can’t go on if you don’t hit pause from time to time and if you have the ability to stray from your work for a little while, it’s wonderful. Today I want…

Florence, Italy - Vivoli

Florence City Guide (Part 2)

Hey there! I’ve recently noticed that I didn’t even write an introduction to my previous post and first part of my Florence guide. I’m so sorry for that and so ashamed! I was so focused on the content itself that I just… forgot. And proof-reading didn’t even help. That’s why I really want to introduce this one properly while also keeping it short. So I went to Italy at the end of August. I only stayed a week in Florence and a day in Cinque Terre. I wrote about Florence once in the past, but it really was a shorter…

The Dead Sea

Summer Holiday: Tel Aviv / The Dead Sea

I’m so ashamed to be posting this while Summer is over but I guess given that the weather is still nice and sunny (at least in Paris), that you’ll forgive me? I’ve been a bit lazy regarding the blog lately but I believe I need to find a new pace that’s working for me because I have several post ideas stacked up, waiting to come to life. Anyway, I’m closing the chapter of my summer travels in Israel with a few more photos from Tel Aviv and my first visit to the Dead Sea, a very memorable experience! If you…

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