Calvi, Corse

Take me to Corsica

It’s well overdue but I’m finally getting round to showing you some photos of Corsica. I’ve decided on a whim, after finding cheap tickets, to join my parents and spend a few days (not even a full week) in Calvi, from the North of Corsica. It was my first time in Corsica and I really didn’t know what to expect. All the people I know who had been there already kept telling me they loved the island so much. They were right. It’s absolutely delightful. Beautiful beaches, splendid weather, good wine & good cheese too. It’s no coincidence that we…

French Road Trip: The Bay of Somme

I’ve set my intentions for 2017 at the beginning of the year and while I’ve failed terribly at buying myself flowers so far (the first and only bouquet I got this year is a bunch of peonies from last week from my mom), there’s one thing I’ve managed to tick off my list and it’s to leave Paris and discover somewhere in France I’ve never been to. My travel buddy (a long time friend) and I took the road to the Baie de Somme (or Bay of Somme), a region from the North of France that’s on the west coast….

Paris | Etienne Marcel

Paris City Guide: 2nd Arrondissement

Hi lovelies, I hope you’re all well. I’m all over the place lately: I’ve been coding a whole website for my dad and thinking about personal projects at the same time (by the way, anyone wanting to pay me for a new blog design so I can upgrade either my camera or phone? haha). Needless to say the time spent on the blog these last weeks has been reduced even more. So when I asked you on Twitter if it was fine to come up with another Paris photography post, you guys seemed okay with it so here we are….

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