Columbia Road Flower Market

London 2015 Photo Diary: Columbia Road Flower Market

Seen enough of Camden? I’m taking you to something a lot more floral right now. You know my love for flowers so it was obvious we would end up taking a stroll at the well-known flower market of Columbia Road. It was hugely crowded sadly but we had a nice time picking up tulips for our flat. After taking some shots of our newly acquired fresh blooms, Candice and I headed to Brick Lane to meet Pauline for lunch at a place called Full Stop. We grabbed some avocado on toast and then walked down the city until we reached London Bridge,…

Flowers in the House

Beautifying your Home with Flowers

One of my favorite things to have around in the house are definitely fresh flowers. They come and go, brighten up the place, and bring life to a quiet home. I’ve always loved flowers but as I grew older I really came to appreciate them a lot more. My flowers of choice are tulips and peonies, although I’m happy with any bouquet. These tulips were pretty much dead when photographed, but aren’t they so pretty nonetheless? Come Spring I’ll be the first one in line to get beautiful flowers. I know it’s a budget so I’m definitely not saying we…


Between Lenses: Mornings

As I came across this challenge the other day on Of Trees And Hues (another beautiful blog!), I found the idea very interesting and I’ve been quite tempted to join in. So, here’s something different for today as I’m participating to the challenge and I’ve tried to illustrate my personal thoughts on mornings, this month’s theme. Every day is different. We face new challenges everyday. Every day has a new morning. With mornings comes new beginnings. Another chance to be better than yesterday; to do better. With new hopes, new expectations. You’re starting again everyday. I got this orchid as a present…

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