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6 TV Shows I’d Tell My Girlfriends To Watch

Now of course there’s no such thing as shows for women, I believe everyone should watch whatever they fancy, but I’ve actually had today’s blog post idea while recommending some of these shows to my friend before her long-haul flight and I thought it would be the right time to share these with you too. Autumn is coming and if you’ve got nothing to watch (but I doubt that as all the good shows are coming back soon), feel free to pick some from this list! Big Little Lies I know it’s been recommended a million times everywhere and I’ve…

5 Make-Up Essentials

5 Make-Up Essentials

Disclaimer: this post is NOT sponsored by Bobbi Brown at all! It’s been a while I haven’t talked about beauty around here, probably due to the fact I don’t buy much in the product department nowadays. I’m much more conscious about the things I buy and I’m able to only buy the essentials, leading to me saving up more money! This is a choice I made for myself but of course, everyone’s free to spend their money as they like. I’ve talked about it before, but basically I just buy what needs replacing, either with a good product that I’m…

Stuff I'm Loving at The Moment

Stuff I’m Loving at the Moment

Oh so it’s been a while I haven’t updated you on my recent loves and things I’ve enjoyed lately so I thought, hey, why not make one of those posts today?! Beauty-wise, I really enjoy doing my makeup these days. Although I don’t have a dressing table anymore to apply it, it’s such a joy to be able to make the most of the direct daylight in my bathroom and using a large mirror as well! While we’re on the topic, my latest beauty purchase is the Re(marc)able Concealer from Marc Jacobs and I can say I’m blown away by…

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