Winter Fashion Inspiration

Winter Style Inspiration

Guys, weeks have been mad lately! My days have been pretty tiring but it’s for a good cause and I hope it all works out for the best. Sometimes you have to give your best to end up where you want to be in life so that’s what I’m doing! On top of that, I’ve just caught a bit of a cold so I’m writing this post last minute and I’m sure it won’t be as lengthy as I would have liked but it’s still a topic I love and of course I want to share this with you! No,…

Spring Inspiration & Some New Pieces

Spring Inspiration & New Pieces

I don’t really know what is this post about. Do I want to show you the new items in my wardrobe that made my heart melt recently? Do I want to talk about what « floats my boat » lately in terms of style? Maybe a little bit of both. And maybe I also want to talk about how I’ve been embracing change and trying new things. I’ve been itching to clear out my wardrobe with the new season rolling in. Last time I did was when I moved out, almost a year ago now (!!!). I’m pretty sure there…

Be Your Own Cheerleader

Be Your Own (Cheer)Leader

This is not a fashion post. Or maybe it is one in disguise. But I wanted to illustrate this personal post with a picture of myself and this turned out to be some kind of a photoshoot in the end and an occasion to renew my profile picture to fit the theme. So this is a bit new but I guess that’s okay! Going on with today’s topic, which is very close to my heart… A little bit of a backstory When I look back on my younger years, I know that I have been several times in the shadow…

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