Winter Fashion Inspiration

Winter Style Inspiration

Guys, weeks have been mad lately! My days have been pretty tiring but it’s for a good cause and I hope it all works out for the best. Sometimes you have to give your best to end up where you want to be in life so that’s what I’m doing! On top of that, I’ve just caught a bit of a cold so I’m writing this post last minute and I’m sure it won’t be as lengthy as I would have liked but it’s still a topic I love and of course I want to share this with you! No,…

Stuff I'm Loving at The Moment

Stuff I’m Loving at the Moment

Oh so it’s been a while I haven’t updated you on my recent loves and things I’ve enjoyed lately so I thought, hey, why not make one of those posts today?! Beauty-wise, I really enjoy doing my makeup these days. Although I don’t have a dressing table anymore to apply it, it’s such a joy to be able to make the most of the direct daylight in my bathroom and using a large mirror as well! While we’re on the topic, my latest beauty purchase is the Re(marc)able Concealer from Marc Jacobs and I can say I’m blown away by…

Autumn 2015 Picks

Fall Fashion Picks – 2015 Edition

It seems like I only do this type of posts at this time of year, but in reality, it’s just that Autumn inspire me the most. Like every year I want to have a big clear out and get rid of the many things I don’t wear, buy new pieces and make my wardrobe feel clean and renewed. Unfortunately I can’t alter everything so here I am, slowly integrating new pieces and keeping tabs on the next things I want. So let me show you what piqued my interest this fall. Zara Coat This coat isn’t like anything I already…

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