Lemon Cake with Poppy Seeds

Lemon Poppy Seed

So how’s the long weekend going, guys? For me it’s a mix of family time, rest, and work but at least it’s in good company as I’ve made this cake on Friday. So in case you’re in need of something sweet too, I’ve got you covered! Pretty easy to bake, and I’m sure you already have everything at hand (except maybe the poppy seeds but they’re not mandatory!).

Light & Airy Cake

Light & Airy Cake

Sometimes what makes a good cake is not its complexity or how « instagrammable » it can be. This cake has been made for generations in my family but I’ve only tried to bake it myself just now. I’ve been astonished by its simplicity and so I’ve decided to add a handful of almonds on top to make it a bit more sophisticated.  There hasn’t been a lot of recipes lately on the blog so I hope you’ll enjoy trying this one out!

Gâteau Lorrain (Cake from Lorraine)

This cake is a speciality from the region of Lorraine in the East of France and it was actually the first time I tried it. The cake is quite light so I find it well balanced with the cream inside. Made with a 28cm cake pan.

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