Organizational Tips

A Few Tips To Stay Organized

For the last few months I’ve been working from home and now’s the time to get back to another routine. I’ll be soon working full-time at a client’s (I’m a consultant in web development) so that means I have to review some of my habits and start to organize my time a bit differently in order to keep on updating the blog regularly. Here’s what I’ll tend to do more and maybe that will help you if you’re facing the same kind of situation. Sticking to a schedule that works When I first started the blog, I was posting from…

What I've learnt from Blogging

What I’ve Learnt After 3 Months of Blogging

I opened My Slumbering Heart at the end of July and after 3 months running this blog, here are a few facts I can tell you about my relation to blogging. Each purchase / outing / baking session becomes a potential subject for a blog post Hitting the refresh button on the stats page every few hours will not make the stats grow The fashion posts are the most read here (and the fewer in number), too bad I’m not a fashion blogger (should I?) Having a blogging buddy is the most encouraging thing to make me go on along…

Let's Ge Started

First things first

How do you start a blog ? I mean, what could you possibly write in a first post that isn’t repeating what you already said in your about page ? Let’s just make a non-exhaustive list of the things you can expect from this site. Well, you’ll most likely be able to find tales and photographs about my different trips (not that I travel A LOT, but it’s always nice to find more about a place or just see pictures of a place you once visited or are about to visit). That’s when I travel that I take the most…

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