What changed since I've started reading blogs and writing one

What Changed Since I’ve Started Reading Blogs And Writing One

I don’t remember if told you this fact already but, I used to have an “internet presence” long ago. I once had a Myspace, LiveJournal, the lot, before I ended up setting up my own space. My first dip into the online world was even through making fansites. Although this era kind of makes me laugh now, looking back, it allowed for two amazing things to happen: I’ve made a job out of that past time (I mean developing websites, no more fansites, thanks) and I’ve met two of my very best friends through them. It’s been over 10 years…

My Design Process

My Design Process: Tools & Inspiration

I think I’ve only mentioned it once here on the blog (at least in detail) but web designing is a subject that’s very close to my heart. I’ve always loved designing websites and if today I’m a web developer, I don’t have many occasions in my job to be creative. Having a unique space that would reflect my own personality has always been a priority for me and that’s why I’ve always invested myself a 100% in the design of my blog. It’s also very thrilling for me because I can finally make the most of what I’m capable of…

Let's Sit Down and Chat

Let’s Sit Down and Have a Chat #3 (Life Update)

Hey guys! I know it hasn’t been very long since my last little chat with you but as I’m having a fair amount of thoughts running through my head at the moment (when is it not the case to be honest?), I might as well share them and update you. I really want to engage more with you and make an effort to share more of my personal life so we can have sort of a conversation together and get to know each other. I would love that. As some of you may know (if you don’t, I suggest you follow…

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