Lessons Learnt From the Past Year

Lessons Learnt From The Past Year

I’m turning 28 today! And I don’t usually write this kind of posts but as it happens to be in sync with my posting day, I realized it could be interesting to reflect on the past year and (maybe) prepare the next. In the same vibe, I really enjoyed reading Laetitia’s life lessons for her 30th birthday (only available in French) and it inspired me to think about everything I’ve learned this year. I tend to be a little nostalgic when my birthday approaches. I’m a bit of a control freak and I hate losing my time. Most generally I…

Glitter on the nails

Glittery Birthday

Today is my birthday!! Wouhouu! As I’m turning 25 (what, already? I can’t believe it either), I decided a little celebration was in order so I popped out this absolutely GORGEOUS glittery nail polish. Crazy, right? Now I must say I’m not really into glitter/shimmer or anything like that usually but when I saw this in Sephora last year, I fell head over heels for this little bottle. Plus, it’s very subtle and I do like that. This nail polish is a Diorific 995 Minuit from Dior and is a dark red-plum shade with a hint of shimmer. Although you…

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