Paris in the Fall | The Tuileries

Paris in the Fall: The Tuileries Garden

I’m rushing up to publish this post because wow it doesn’t even feel like it’s Autumn anymore already! The weather is absolutely unbelievable, we even had snow last week. It’s something that didn’t even happen at all last year, and when it does happen, snow usually comes in January in Paris.  Anyway, I’m super happy to show you the photos I took in the Tuileries Garden a couple of weeks ago. There must be some kind of magic around there because I’m always amazed by the light that softly brushes the trees and the leaves in the garden. It also…

Autumn 2015 Picks

Fall Fashion Picks – 2015 Edition

It seems like I only do this type of posts at this time of year, but in reality, it’s just that Autumn inspire me the most. Like every year I want to have a big clear out and get rid of the many things I don’t wear, buy new pieces and make my wardrobe feel clean and renewed. Unfortunately I can’t alter everything so here I am, slowly integrating new pieces and keeping tabs on the next things I want. So let me show you what piqued my interest this fall. Zara Coat This coat isn’t like anything I already…

November Shopping

The ‘End Of November’ Wishlist

Yep, November is coming to an end and December is right out the corner. So what could be better that concocting a new wishlist with a few picks to fight off the blues caused by the grey weather? Blender Cleanser I already use a solid soap to wash my Beauty Blender but this cleanser seems a lot easier to use thanks to the container so with it I could wash my sponge and my brushes too while keeping things practical. Pai Copaiba & Zinc Anti Blemish Serum My Bioderma serum is soon to be used up completely for the 3rd time…

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