Apple Crumble

My Take on the Apple Crumble

What’s a long weekend without a little dose of baking, heh? To slow down your chocolate intake, help yourself with a portion of my favorite apple crumble. It’s sweet but except for the crumble itself, it’s a pretty light dessert so you can easily indulge without too much remorse. Plus, it’s super simple to do, do you need any more reasons? ;-)

The Classic Apple Pie

Trying my Hand at The Classic Apple Pie

Let me tell you a quick story: I had NEVER baked an apple pie before. But I love them. I love pies but always kind of struggle making them because of the dough that is either too thick and hard to cook or too thin and delicate. Actually, we don’t really do apple pies in France but we bake apple tarts! So I was eager to try this as we never get to eat those. So here’s how I cooked mine :

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