Paris - Notre Dame & Luxembourg Garden

Paris in a White Coat

I don’t know if you’ve heard but we recently had two major weather-related events here in Paris and the first one was the flood of the river Seine which meant some parts of the town and the suburbs were affected, and the second was that we had snow for several days, letting us enjoy a rare and beautiful scenery. Now I’m not someone to really like snow all that much, I don’t deny it’s absolutely beautiful but I just don’t feel very safe walking or driving on it (my first experience this year and I’ve never been so stressed out…

Notre-Dame de Paris

Paris is Blooming

I feel like everyone in the world where Spring has started has been patiently waiting for a hint of color in the trees to come back and now the blooming season has finally started. So last weekend when my friend Candice, who’s been waiting for ages to photograph the cherry blossoms, has asked me to join her in the center of Paris, I jumped on the occasion and took my camera with me. The small square in front of Notre-Dame was absolutely stunning as the cherry trees displayed their beautiful leaves and flowers. It was of course very crowded as…

Paris, Place des Vosges

Paris 4th: Le Marais

Le Marais is a neighborhood in Paris that is very ancient and it undoubtedly has a certain charm, which I love. There’s a lot of crooked streets and well-known stores as well as small unique boutiques. The rue des Rosiers, one of the main streets, is a major centre of the Paris Jewish community so you’ll find lots of religious bookshops and jewelries as well as falafel restaurants. Hidden on one side of the street (like literally, I discovered it by chance while taking these photos – and I walked there many times), is the door leading to the Jardin des Rosiers, a nice green…

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