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Three Books I Recently Read

It kind of feels weird to admit that it will probably be my last reviews of 2015, time flies! Anyway, here are the books I read during the last two months:
Books for Summer

Books I Read This Summer

Okay... I’m very late with this post, but on the other hand, I really am not with my readings. So today I’m sharing 4 books I read over July & August: a young adult series and a very popular book. I love to pick light-hearted books over the Summer because they really help me clear my head and simply enjoy the story for what it is.
Recently Read

Recently Read #12: Three For Today

Since I started my new job back in March, I've read so much more than in the past few years. My commute is way longer now and while it is exhausting, I'm so grateful I have some time to loose myself in a good book. That being said, I'm a bit late at posting my latest readings and to make up for it I'm posting three reviews today. I'm also thinking about switching to this format (not necessarily three, but definitely more than one book per post) because I think it would probably be more interesting for you to have several recommendations at the same time.
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