Books I Read This Summer

Books for Summer
Okay... I’m very late with this post, but on the other hand, I really am not with my readings. So today I’m sharing 4 books I read over July & August: a young adult series and a very popular book. I love to pick light-hearted books over the Summer because they really help me clear my head and simply enjoy the story for what it is.


  • Anna and The French Kiss: 4/5
  • Lola and The Boy Next Door: 3/5
  • Isla and The Happily Ever After: 3/5
  • The Girl On The Train: 3.5/5

Anna and The French Kiss / Lola and The Boy Next Door / Isla and The Happily Ever After, Stephanie Perkins

Ooh I definitely did pick this series well for the theme. While I did have some bad pre-made opinions about these books because of the titles (seriously, why so cheesy?), I absolutely enjoyed « flicking » those Kindle pages one after the other. The stories are refreshing and it’s really pleasant to have them all connected in a way, with characters colliding into the stories. Anna and The French Kiss is for sure my favorite, but the other two are absolutely worth checking out too.

The Girl On The Train, Paula Hawkins

Every time I refer to this book, I mistake it for Gone Girl. Not that it’s very similar, but I don’t know, I feel like the genre and the praise they both got make me a little confused.
That being said, I liked reading this. The writing style is very catchy and makes you want to know more very quickly. I don’t read much crime/thriller so my opinion may not be the one of an expert, but the suspense was there for me so I think it’s enough for me to say I liked it. I don’t know why I rated it only 3.5 stars at the time, maybe because I wasn’t that amazed in the end but it was very enjoyable nonetheless.

What's your favorite kind of books to read over the Summer?

  • Everyone seems to have reading Girl on The Train at the moment ! Think i’ll have to give it a go (i did love Gone Girl!)

    Almost Everything

    • I think you’ll like it then if you loved Gone Girl! :)

  • I finished The girl on the train last week (as well as Gone Girl) and thought it was really good ! I have heard a lot about Anna and the french kiss and I may just have to get it for myself too. I added it to my to read list on goodreads. By the way, do you have an account that you’d like to share ?

    xx, Charlie

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