All The New Things at Home

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Because I wrote my first room tour a year ago now, only 2 months after moving in, I thought it was about time I give you a little update on the parts of the flat that have changed the most. I find homeware and interior design so interesting. I mean, I love seeing how a room can be put together and « brought to life » as well as playing with the colors and textures. I hope these pictures will reflect the vibe I was going for, which is, if anything, cozy and inviting! The Living Room When I posted my living…

Take me to Corsica

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It’s well overdue but I’m finally getting round to showing you some photos of Corsica. I’ve decided on a whim, after finding cheap tickets, to join my parents and spend a few days (not even a full week) in Calvi, from the North of Corsica. It was my first time in Corsica and I really didn’t know what to expect. All the people I know who had been there already kept telling me they loved the island so much. They were right. It’s absolutely delightful. Beautiful beaches, splendid weather, good wine & good cheese too. It’s no coincidence that we…

Lessons Learnt From The Past Year

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I’m turning 28 today! And I don’t usually write this kind of posts but as it happens to be in sync with my posting day, I realized it could be interesting to reflect on the past year and (maybe) prepare the next. In the same vibe, I really enjoyed reading Laetitia’s life lessons for her 30th birthday (only available in French) and it inspired me to think about everything I’ve learned this year. I tend to be a little nostalgic when my birthday approaches. I’m a bit of a control freak and I hate losing my time. Most generally I…

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