Coconut+Nutella Bites

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The idea for this recipe came from my trip to Corsica. I wanted to recreate a sweet treat I had eaten there, only they were bigger and more Nutella-ey, as it was super tasty. If you like coconut, I’m sure you’ll love this recipe. It’s very easy and quick to make, no extreme baking skills needed! For about 25-30 bites.

Beauty Discoveries & What’s on my Wishlist

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You know that time when you run out of everything all at once? Yeah, it did happen to me last month and I « was forced » to repurchase a few products. With that and the mini launch of Glossier at Colette (the brand was supposed to be available until the store closes in December but they didn’t restock much and almost everything had gone on the first day), I must say my beauty budget went through the roof. I can be very loyal to a brand (I see you Bobbi Brown) so in the end, I don’t try out many new…

Inspiring People I’ve Discovered on Instagram #2

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I came to the realization these past few weeks that I feel very much out of the loop on social media. I’m just not someone who’s used to or even wants to share every bit of my life and mostly I find that I have nothing to say. I’m just a very private and quiet person in real life and I’m sure that translates on the internet. Instagram particularly is not what it used to be. The instant side of it retired and now gives way to a specific composition and revolves around posting the perfect image. There’s so much…

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