Current Makeup Inspiration

I went through different stages in my life regarding makeup. From not wearing it (and even rejecting it!) in high school to trying to figure things out at uni and now having the most fun with it, I never thought I would be the kind of person seeking out inspiration in the field.

Now that I more or less know what works for me and what doesn’t, taking into account my skin type & tone but also its sensitivity, it’s easier for me to be more selective with my beauty purchases. I don’t exactly remember when was the last time I set foot in a Sephora, which is kind of shocking when I think I used to go there at least twice a month a few years ago. Let’s just say my « beauty experience » changed as I got to know myself better, which doesn’t mean I love it any less!

Makeup Inspiration

As you can gather from this little collage I put together, I’m really after rosy-browny tones this year. I think it looks quite sophisticated and is a more interesting way (to me) to wear nudes. It really boosts the natural features of the skin and lips of the person and enhances the warmth of the complexion.

I totally fell in love with Morgan Grimes’ Instagram (@grimesmorgan) because she’s the perfect representation of the makeup look I love at the moment. I’ve never seen such a glowing and radiant complexion. It makes her look so fresh and young and there’s something so elegant in my eyes about the way she wears her neutrals. See a perfect example here.

Makeup Inspiration
Makeup Inspiration

So on to how I’m trying to recreate the look. As you can see there is as always a majority of Bobbi Brown products, but what can I say, I absolutely love the brand and its creator. If it’s a brand you’re not really familiar with, I cannot encourage you enough to watch Hannah Martin’s videos, she’s a makeup artist working at Bobbi Brown and she’s a delight!

But the main star of the show here is without a doubt that Velvet Teddy lipstick from MAC. I know it’s nothing ground-breaking as everyone has probably already heard about it but it’s actually my first MAC lipstick (I know, I know) and the first nude lipstick that works well for my highly pigmented lips. I’m still completely head over heels for Charlotte Tilbury’s Bond Girl lipstick though and I think it works really well for that kind of look too, but Velvet Teddy deserved its first mention here I believe!

Tenneil from the blog Like Neon Love actually recommended it to me as well as the Pot Rouge cream blush from Bobbi Brown. That girl has a good eye!

I went for the shade Uber Beige for the Pot Rouge, as it has no red undertone. I have an over-reactive skin that gets red easily and with the cold temperatures it was nearly impossible to wear any of the blushers I own lately (too pink) so this is really a shade I was after. Plus, it’s cream so absolutely perfect for my dry cheeks.

The beloved tinted moisturizer that I got back in May is still going and a must-have in my collection. I’ve tried to cover my redness many times with something with a higher coverage that I usually like to wear during Winter, but since discovering this, I always get back to it the next day as it’s giving my dehydrated skin so much more moisture.

Makeup Inspiration

The powder is actually quite new too and it’s the first loose powder I find that is a breeze to apply. I’ve got it in Yellow, which is supposed to help with redness, but it doesn’t make my skin yellow at all which is always good! It also helps with the longevity of my makeup while still letting my skin get its natural shine. It’s clearly a favorite too.

Finally, I’ve been a long time user of the gel liner, a cult product from the brand, but I’m now using it to create a diffused line (by smudging the edges), which actually makes the eye-look way softer than my old liner stroke.

Makeup Inspiration

What kind of makeup look do you like at the moment? Is there any product that stands out?