5 Things I Enjoyed Lately

Serres d'Auteuil

Hey guys! I feel like it’s been yonks since I shared anything that’s been going in my life at the moment. So here’s a little catch up under the shape of a good old « 5 things I enjoyed » list!

stressing less

One thing that has been surprising lately is that I noticed how less controlling I’ve managed to be in the past weeks. And by that, I mean avoiding over-thinking about situations that are yet to come and thus, stressing less. I’ve started a new job at the beginning of the month and even if I knew it was the right decision I had made for myself, of course, I wanted it to go well and I hoped I would get along with my new teammates. But letting the situations happen the way they’re supposed to without imagining things and embracing them no matter the outcome is truly liberating. I still have a long way to go but I’m learning and slowly getting there, I think.

upgrading my camera

During the month of February, I finally took the plunge and upgraded my camera gear. First by getting a new body and then my coworkers generously participated in gifting me a new lens (my old ones couldn’t work with the new body) as a parting gift! I’ve had my Canon 600D right when I finished University almost 6 years ago now and have been feeling limited by its capabilities so it just made sense to upgrade it. As you know from some of my previous posts, I’m really back into photography right now and I can already see how much progress I’ve made by practicing it more and how it impacts the visual quality of my photos. This alone makes me so happy. More Parisian shots coming to you soon!

filming my brioche recipe

Last weekend I made a loaf of brioche again and took the opportunity to film the making on Insta stories. Well, who knew it’s not that easy to film with one hand and bake with the other!? It really seems like you guys enjoyed the recipe in video form and it encourages me to do more of this! I’ve always wanted to film videos for the blog for my recipe but it was too much of a faff for me to do it alone, so uploading them quickly to Instagram and saving them in my highlights might just be the best way. It almost makes me want to invest in a tiny tripod!

reading more

If using public transportation again to go to work has one upside, it definitely is about getting back into reading. I haven’t started the year so well in term of book choices, but I now have a long list of books I want to dive into so this motivates me to spend every minute of my commute (even if it’s a relatively short one) into the story. I’m currently halfway through the fourth Outlander book (I just couldn’t have enough after finishing the 3rd season of the show) and damn, it is a long one!

spring’s arrival

Last but not least, noticing all the little signs of Spring getting into my daily life has been a delight. Waking up when it’s light outside is really lovely, if we could only have a bit more sun and warmth it would be perfect.

I’m also excited for tulip season!! I haven’t bought myself flowers for a long time and even my plants have had a rough Winter and have seen better days. I’m hoping it can give a refreshing vibe to my flat!

Spring is also very often the best time for planning weekend getaways and right now I’m making plans to visit one of my blogging friends and I’m SO looking forward to it!

What did you enjoy lately?