I Choose Trust

Jardin des Plantes

I haven’t set any goals this year and I don’t even usually pick a word to define the new year, but here is my motto; I choose to trust in 2018, in what the future holds for each of us. There is no right time to start believing you can achieve great things, the only requirement is to welcome the journey and show up.

January hasn’t been all good times but there definitely were some highlights and that’s why I have the feeling that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now. Even if things aren’t exactly how I want them to be, it’s up to me to change my perspective.

So here’s how I’ve been trying to turn my intentions into actions lately.

getting a grasp on what holds me back

Being a very anxious and doubting person, it’s kind of redundant to admit that I have a lot of fears. It’s fine, not all of us are adventurous people. What’s more of a problem is that some of them can cripple me. My need to control everything, for example, shows how much I hate being out of my comfort zone for fear of being confronted with the unknown and being caught off guard. This usually generates a lot of stress and it can sometimes prevent me from enjoying a certain situation.

I’ve heard so many times that when you grow up you don’t care much about what people think anymore, but for me, I still am afraid of judgment. I don’t think I’m anything like a people-pleaser but we all have our reasons and past experiences that lead our mind to act a certain way. Whether it’s my lack of confidence or my hatred for conflict that contribute to all of that, it’s important to not turn your back on identifying those emotions.

letting go of the past

Like any worrier I’m sure, I have a tendency to dwell on the past and over-analyze everything.

For example, it can take me ages to move on from a situation where I happened to be unsatisfied with myself. If I’ve made a mistake or failed at something, I can beat myself up for so long. But nobody’s perfect and that situation in which I didn’t act as I would have liked doesn’t define me. I’ll do better next time.

I’ve also been meaning for so long to write my own sort of response to Anna’s brilliant post about Friendship Breakups but I haven’t quite found the right words yet to express how I feel about the subject. It really does suck when a friendship isn’t what it used to be but if anything good has to come out of any kind of breakup, it’s that once you’ve accepted it, you realize it can be an opportunity to grow and find yourself, push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Saying yes to new adventures

And it leads me to this point. Try new things. Again and again and again. Until you find yourself belonging to something that’s greater than just yourself.

I spoke about loneliness in my birthday post, and it’s a feeling that’s been in me for a very long time. I’ve felt lonely too when I was leaving with my parents and it hasn’t got anything to do with how many people you’re under the same roof with. So, to fight off loneliness, I’m doing my best to meet new people. I’m trying to do more stuff on the weekend and thus do more of what I enjoy so I don’t feel so down come Friday night. I’ve been practicing my photography more than ever in January and it feels so good to reconnect with this activity that I love.

Meeting new people was also a big factor when I decided to look for another job. I needed to build new relationships with all sorts of people, set myself new challenges, and find the motivation again to learn new things and keep on growing.

surrounding myself with motivational content…

What I love about the Internet is that it’s an unlimited source of content. If you want to find new stuff to read or to see, to get inspired, to rethink the way you consume content, you can easily do it. I think I get my daily fix of inspiration/motivation mostly through a mix of blog posts, where photography and words play a big role, Instagram accounts (and if I dare to say it, through Instagram Stories) and podcasts.

I’m quite new to the latter option and there aren’t many podcasts I listen to, but I find The Life Coach School podcast by Brooke Castillo very helpful and sensible. A friend of mine, Sarah, recommended it to me and it’s been both comforting and enlightening to listen to.

Tania has been killing it in her IG stories this January as she shared all of her meals for #veganuary and even though I’m not vegan, it has definitely inspired me to cook more and try new things in the kitchen, as I said in my previous post.

My last recommendation for all things motivation and career advice is Bianca Bass’ blog. That girl speaks with incredibly accurate words and I promise you’ll feel empowered after reading some of her amazing articles.

…and inspirational people

I don’t have a super large group of friends but my very best friends are all female and they are all inspiring in their own, admirable, way. I’m proud of each and every one of my closest friends right now. Some are reinventing their career path and trying to build their business around what they love most and what they believe in, some have changed their lifestyle completely by living miles away from their families, some are starting their own family and doing their best to raise their child, others are doing amazing in their jobs and have so much kindness in themselves. They really inspire me on a daily basis.

Of course, I have to include my incredible blogger friends from around the world. They create insanely valuable content and it feels so good to chat with them and getting to know them across our platforms. I can’t wait to meet some of them in real life as it is so precious to find people that have similar interests.

I think it’s so important to cherish and treasure the relationships you care about, as they will help you grow and will support you at the same time. I’m also a lot more conscious than I used to be about the way I connect with people, how everyone is unique and contributes in its own way, without even knowing it, to my personal life.

Has January been a good start to the year for you? Did you set any goals?