20 Things About Me

Hi guys, Happy New Year! I hope you’re all doing well this January, and as there are a few new faces around here that have joined us lately I thought, what better way to start the year than writing a good old introduction? These facts are more or less random, but I hope they will give you a pertinent insight into my personality. If it’s not enough, I encourage you to read the archives of this blog right away! If you’re a long time reader, I’m sure you’ll learn at least a couple of things anyway ;)
20 things about me
  1. My name is Léa, I’m 28 and I’m from France.
  2. I’ve moved from my parent’s flat to my own at 26 and currently live in Paris by myself.
  3. I’m a web developer/project manager and I’ve quit my job right before the holidays (it was like dropping a bomb and saying « bye, see ya in January »).
  4. It was my first time having to send a letter of resignation and it felt weird. I’m very hopeful for the new year and can’t wait to start my new job (I sadly have a 3-month notice period).
  5. I’ve been blogging on here since July 2014 but it all started on LiveJournal back in 2008, or something like that.
  6. I was all about the “userpics” back then and had a whole folder (okay, I still have it) full of fandom icons. Good times!
  7. I’m a strong believer in Internet friendships and one of the main reasons I’ve started my blog was to meet new people from all over the world. So don’t be shy to engage the conversation, I’d love to get to know you!
  8. I love reading, baking, taking photos and exploring new cities.
  9. I’d love to properly visit Bordeaux in 2018 and go on another road trip.
  10. Ever since I’ve visited Bryce Canyon in the US, I’ve developed a new kind of love for nature and beautiful landscapes. The immediate effect was to add numerous destinations to my list of places to go to.
  11. I love cheese way too much and my favorite kind of food is Italian, followed by French.
  12. I watch a lot of TV shows and I’m currently catching up on Outlander’s 3rd season. I’ve only started the show at the end of the year and I’m obsessed.
  13. I’m a lover of all things beauty but I try my best not to be a hoarder, that’s why I don’t post about beauty products all that often.
  14. Also, my skin is very sensitive and reactive so I’m very wary of new skincare.
  15. If I had to buy makeup from only one brand until the rest of my days it would be Bobbi Brown (I’m sure a lot of you guessed it!).
  16. Makeup has helped me a lot with my confidence as I’m someone who has been struggling with it for a long time (and still is).
  17. To the point where it has taken me a good year after getting my driving license to finally have the courage to drive my car on my own and go to places I had never been before.
  18. But I can also surprise myself sometimes by being really determined, especially in the work field. What I mean is I’m someone who has a lot of doubts but who can also go all-out on life-changing decisions, like buying a flat or looking for another job, and going straight in in no time. Yep, that’s me.
  19. I hate conflict with other people and try to avoid it as much as I can. That being said, I think it’s better to talk it out when a situation is bothering you.
  20. I’m not a frequent poster on social media. I either don’t have anything that I’ll judge interesting enough to share or I simply forget about it.

Now would you mind telling me 3 things about you? I’d be delighted!

20 things about me