Beauty Discoveries & What’s on my Wishlist

You know that time when you run out of everything all at once? Yeah, it did happen to me last month and I « was forced » to repurchase a few products. With that and the mini launch of Glossier at Colette (the brand was supposed to be available until the store closes in December but they didn’t restock much and almost everything had gone on the first day), I must say my beauty budget went through the roof.

I can be very loyal to a brand (I see you Bobbi Brown) so in the end, I don’t try out many new products and even when I do, I do a lot of research beforehand. However, I was feeling kind of wild (lol) this time so I’ll talk you through what worked and what didn’t for me.

Beauty discoveries

As I said, my budget was a bit tight so I only went for 3 Glossier products. I’m not a fan of all the hype there is around the brand but I admit I was tempted to see what all the fuss was about. Looking back, I think I should have tried maybe more from their makeup range, like Boy Brow for example. I’ve swatched the cloud paints but wasn’t too excited about the shades in real life and I find the application in a tube a bit messy, so I’ve decided to keep my money. Here’s what I did get though:

Stretch concealer: I couldn’t wait to try it so I put aside my previous concealer from Marc Jacobs and well, I have worn it every day since then! I love how hydrating and not cakey this is. The formula is light but buildable. Works better under the eyes than at concealing blemishes though.

Moisturizing Moon Mask: My skin is in a bit of a funk lately, and I think this is mostly due to stress and the changing seasons. This mask feels very soothing upon application, it’s very much like a balm, and it does what it’s supposed to be doing, it brings on a lot of hydration.

Milky Jelly Cleanser: This product has been praised a lot in the beauty community and I must say my expectations fell flat. It’s not particularly nice to apply, the scent is a bit odd and I’m not so fond of the jelly texture which is not very easy to remove with water (I’m not using a flannel, that may be why). I’ll use it, of course, it’s not a bad product, just nothing interesting about it.

Apart from Glossier, I tried a new brand from the French pharmacy called Dermina which my mom told me about after being recommended to try it. I’ve purchased three of their products: the Soothing Anti-Redness Essence, the Moisturizing Eye Contour and the Intense Moisturizing Serum. The latter feels very similar to the Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate for a fraction of the price, so I’m quite happy with these affordable skincare products.

Beauty discoveries

Make-up wise, I’ve got to mention this mascara from Dior, which is one of the best I’ve tried! It’s the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl. It does everything I can hope for in a mascara. It lifts the lashes and curl them perfectly. I’ve got no clumping problem with it and the lashes are really defined and elongated. Mascaras are the beauty products I tend to switch very often as there are lots on the market and I finish them in 3 months anyway so there’s a good rotation in my makeup drawers, but I definitely think this one is gonna make a comeback sooner than later, I’m very impressed!

This Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix is an eyeshadow primer that is supposed to be long-wearing and matte. It also comes in the shade ‘Pearl’ which might come out more metallic I guess. In terms of consistency, I find that it’s quite similar to the Primer Potion from Urban Decay, it is matte, as written on the tin, but on my lids (which might be too oily), it’s nowhere near as long-lasting. It’s only 9€ for 7,5g so it wasn’t a bad idea to try it out in my opinion, but I’m really missing my Nars SmudgeProof Eyeshadow Base which is the best there is (it costs 28€ for 8g) and I’m sure I’ll repurchase it before I can see the end of that Zoeva one.

Beauty discoveries
For the month of November, I know already that I’ll have to rebuy a few things and I want to be conscious about how much I buy and for which purpose.

As a night cream, I’m going to repurchase the Essential Day Moisturizer for dry skin from Ahava, which is rich enough for me to use at night. I had patches of dryness on my forehead and cheeks last winter and this cream completely healed my skin.

My Nude Finish Illuminating Powder from Bobbi Brown is on its last days, I’ve hit pan for months now, and I think I might have to finally take the plunge again. I’ve been really happy with it as it’s brightening and mattifying at the same time.

And finally, I’m currently on the hunt for a nude lipstick. I love my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Bond Girl, which is a red with brown undertones, and it’s almost used up now, but I need something more « chilled » for the weekend or just as an everyday lipstick, that makes less of a statement. It’s really complicated for me to find the right nude lipstick as my lips are naturally very pigmented so nude lipsticks tend to not show at all on my lips and the darker shades are quickly too dark. But if you have any suggestion, I’m all ears!

Have you tried anything new lately?