Inspiring People I’ve Discovered on Instagram #2

I came to the realization these past few weeks that I feel very much out of the loop on social media. I’m just not someone who’s used to or even wants to share every bit of my life and mostly I find that I have nothing to say. I’m just a very private and quiet person in real life and I’m sure that translates on the internet.

Instagram particularly is not what it used to be. The instant side of it retired and now gives way to a specific composition and revolves around posting the perfect image. There’s so much pressure on posting something good that most of the time I chicken out and don’t post anything. Taking the time to plan the perfect shot, write an inspiring caption and copy/past an infinity of odd hashtags isn’t really my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good quality feed, but as I don’t run a business or don’t want to promote myself or my blog, I don’t find joy in doing all of that, I’m trying, but it seems too much of an effort.

It also feels too much like a competition sometimes and I’m not someone that thrives on the pressure of doing better than others.

That being said, I still really enjoy consuming content on the platform. I’ve never followed that many accounts and felt so much inspired by what I see. I’ve discovered beautiful brands and bloggers (mostly fashion and travel bloggers) that allow me to be inspired with my outfit choices and my photography on a daily basis.

So following my previous recommendations post, here’s a list of all the Instagrammers I’ve loved recently:

ALICE CATHERINE / @alicecatherine – I love Alice’s vintage sense of style and her perfect bangs! She’s a knit and jeans kind of gal too and I must say I relate a lot about how she describes her figure: a tight waist and larger hips. Which most of the time is a bitch when trying to find the perfect bottoms. She also does YouTube videos and I love how relaxed they are, it is clearly refreshing!

SARAH / @theegglife – I don’t know much about Sarah except that she’s based in York and that her photography is right up my street. I love that her pictures are a bit under-exposed (my personal fave) while the colours are still very vibrant. I’m not into coffee at all but I admit it is really photogenic and her account makes me long for an afternoon spent in a coffee shop with a piece of cake on my plate!

AILLEURS / @ailleursparis – I’ve mentionned it in my last post, Ailleurs Paris is a homeware store in Paris that I’ve discovered on Instagram and its main concept is to offer a variety of home goods that come from all over the world. It really is a beautiful place.

STEPHANIE GUILLEMETTE / @stephanieguillemette – Stephanie is half French, half Brazilian. She lives in Paris and tries out new restaurants everyday. She gives very detailed reviews of all the food she gets to taste and I definitely go to her account everytime I need recommendations (no later than for yesterday evening). Everything happens in her insta stories, so look out for those if you can understand a bit of French! I also very much enjoy her take on life and continuous positivity, it’s incredibly satisfying.

PAMELA / @thegempicker – If like me you have an attraction to beautiful objects and interior settings, you’ll enjoy Pamela’s take on The Gem Picker. She selects inspiring scenery and trends that she shares on her account and on her blog, and she really has an eye for that! It’s truly gorgeous.

Inspiring People I've Discovered on Instagram

What are your latest crushes on Instagram? I'll gladly take any of your recommendations!