6 TV Shows I’d Tell My Girlfriends To Watch

TV Shows I Recommend

Now of course there’s no such thing as shows for women, I believe everyone should watch whatever they fancy, but I’ve actually had today’s blog post idea while recommending some of these shows to my friend before her long-haul flight and I thought it would be the right time to share these with you too. Autumn is coming and if you’ve got nothing to watch (but I doubt that as all the good shows are coming back soon), feel free to pick some from this list!

Big Little Lies

I know it’s been recommended a million times everywhere and I’ve already talked about it myself, but I can’t get over how good it was and I guess I miss Monterey a little bit too.

If I had to make a list of what I like in a show, this one would tick all the boxes. Incredible casting, emotion, beautiful imagery, great theme song, impeccable soundtrack, slow pace and moments of complete tension, hour-long episodes. Trust me, it’s a good one.

Good Behavior

I’ve only gotten into this show at the beginning of the month but it’s been on my list ever since it was announced. Of course, it’s all due to Michelle Dockery (from Downton Abbey) being in it. It’s so refreshing seeing her in a totally different genre as it tells the story of her character Letty who struggles to take her life back into hands after getting out of prison. In the first episode, she meets Javier, a hitman with his load of problems too. Together they try to help each other out in their own way.

I didn’t know if I’d like this show when I first started it but I’ve become addicted quite rapidly and got attached to Letty and Javier who, let’s be frank, are both a sight for sore eyes.

The Bold Type

With season one ending only last week, I can tell you all the feels are still barely contained in me. The final episode got me all teary and I totally wasn’t expecting it. I enjoyed following best friends and coworkers for a fashion magazine Jane, Sutton and Kat. It’s an uplifting show that will work as a comfort show as well if you need something with that kind of vibe. I like how they treated feminism and other topics in such a down to earth manner while being so relatable to our day and age.

I think they also portrayed Jacqueline perfectly, their boss (Jan from The Office for those who have watched it), she’s the kind of boss everyone would like to have! I can’t wait to know which character is your favorite!

The Good Place

Another one I didn’t know I would enjoy so much is The Good Place, which is actually funny and cute, and the concept very different from every other comedy show I’ve watched.

The Good Place is the after life equivalent of Paradise where good people supposedly go after they die. Except when Eleanor Shellstrop is being sent there by mistake, the Good Place starts to glitch and the system becomes a mess.

Kristen Bell is amazing as a despicable bitch (but you kind of love her still) and I can’t wait for it to come back next week for season 2.


I’ve been waiting forever for this show to come back and I don’t really understand why it hasn’t come back yet (it’s been renewed) but let’s say this gives you time to catch up.
Unreal follows a crew of directors/producers on the set of a reality show that compares to the Bachelor and even if I’m not one to watch that many reality shows, it’s so interesting for once to see what happens behind the scenes and how everything is controlled.
The dialogues are catchy and the actors (particularly Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer) are excellent.

Quinn’s character is one of the best ever and this makes me wonder if I don’t have a soft spot for bosses you know, as they seem to be recurring faves of mine (hello Michael Scott, Ron Swanson, and co.). Hmm (not so much in real life though).


This show is a little guilty pleasure. It’s funny, quirky, and I’ve grown to love it more and more. It’s about a 40 year old woman, recently divorced, who can’t find a job until she decides one day to dress and act like a 26 year old. She gets a job in publishing and the whole show revolves around her lie and how she tries to prevent her two lives to collide.

Have you watched any of these? Would you recommend anything else?