5 Make-Up Essentials

5 Make-Up Essentials

Disclaimer: this post is NOT sponsored by Bobbi Brown at all!

It’s been a while I haven’t talked about beauty around here, probably due to the fact I don’t buy much in the product department nowadays. I’m much more conscious about the things I buy and I’m able to only buy the essentials, leading to me saving up more money! This is a choice I made for myself but of course, everyone’s free to spend their money as they like. I’ve talked about it before, but basically I just buy what needs replacing, either with a good product that I’m repurchasing or with a new one to try out. There is sometimes the occasional purchase of something I don’t really need but it’s always something I’ve done plenty of research on and coveted for a long period of time (which usually indicates how much I want the product).

Two of the makeup areas I like to experiment with are foundations and mascaras. I always try to find the perfect base product and eye product. So I rarely ever buy the same foundation twice (only happened once) and I usually use the same mascara until a new one comes out and catches my eye (no pun intended).

So I’m here today with 5 of my most used products, my everyday essentials. I reach for them every morning, and they have fast become staples.


Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick + Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer; So combining two base products to achieve the perfect coverage is obviously not the cheapest thing at all, but it does work amazingly. I had first bought the Moisture Rich foundation from Bobbi as well, but it just wasn’t working at all, my face didn’t really got on with the formula, so I turned it back and chose these two products. I’m more into lightweight bases but still need something high coverage enough to cover the redness that’s very present around my nose and cheeks. I also need all the moisture I can get on my cheeks so this combo is so satisfying as I put the tinted moisturizer all over the face and then cover any red area with the stick which is also perfect for touch-ups. The only downside is that my cheeks are a bit tacky right after application, but I powder and the effect wears off quickly. Also, did I mention the finish was super dewy?!

Full Coverage Face Brush; Oh this brush. It was on my wishlist for so long. The makeup artist I go to for all things Bobbi had used it on me several times so I knew it was good. Only I wasn’t ready to spend 47 euros on a brush. And then a 10€ gift card to spend at Sephora made things a little more bearable, and even more when they were running a 25% off offer! All in all, it is a good thing to wait for opportunities (in the hope they do eventually come). Anyway, back to the brush. It is good. So good I haven’t let go of it ever since I got it. It applies liquid foundation seamlessly, it’s so easy to blend and it looks like you’ve got nothing on your face! No brush stroke, nothing! It is very soft and it also washes well, so a good one in my books.


Smokey Eye Mascara; I promise it is the last of my Bobbi Brown recommendations. When I had my makeup done last year to attend a wedding as a maid of honor, the makeup artist (same one, always) used it and I found it pretty awesome! My lashes gave my pretty round eyes a somewhat doe-eyed effect! Which is all I’m after to be honest (and the reason why I take time to draw a small cat eye everyday (nothing extravagant)). And then I tried it home and I was a little disappointed to be honest. But the more I used it, the more I came to love it and get that feeling back! I find it works better when it starts to dry a little and it’s top-notch with a second coat.


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bond Girl; For a girl who used to never wear lipstick, I’m now the kind of girl who almost has a lipstick in every bag. I used to think my lips were too big and adding color to it would draw attention to my mouth even more, but maybe that’s actually something women are generally after? In any case, I find now that just a pop of color is ideal as it can lift up any outfit. This one from Charlotte Tilbury is my favorite at the moment, the formula is matte but not at all drying, the staying power is quite good and the shade is everything that I like in a lipstick. It’s my most used lipstick of my collection and I’m pretty sure I’ll buy another one once I use it up entirely.

5 Make-Up Essentials

What are your current essentials?