What Changed Since I’ve Started Reading Blogs And Writing One

What changed since I've started reading blogs and writing one

I don’t remember if told you this fact already but, I used to have an “internet presence” long ago. I once had a Myspace, LiveJournal, the lot, before I ended up setting up my own space. My first dip into the online world was even through making fansites. Although this era kind of makes me laugh now, looking back, it allowed for two amazing things to happen: I’ve made a job out of that past time (I mean developing websites, no more fansites, thanks) and I’ve met two of my very best friends through them. It’s been over 10 years now and they’re still very present in my life.

Anyway, I’m telling you this because I do believe great things can come out of the Internet and today I want to share what changed, in a positive way, since the blogging world came into my life; because it sure holds a great part of my day-to-day.

First, you must know that I’m someone who enjoys the idea of building something from scratch more than keeping it alive. I have a couple of examples to illustrate what I mean by this:
  → When I was a kid, I liked to play The Sims. Only once I built the house, I couldn’t care less about the characters. I would create numerous families and try to make a life for them, but I honestly was more interested in the creative part of the process
  → It might sound presumptuous and ungrateful, but sometimes I want to buy another flat (not possible right now obviously) just so I can have another blank canvas and for the sake of decorating again; because I love that part so much. I guess I should find friends who need a hand to decorate their home, eh ?

My point is, a blog leaves room for improvement and allows you to stay creative, come up with new concepts for photography, etc. You’re always building something, the next article, collaboration, ways to broadcast your message.

Success is a personal point of view

So the first thing I learned is that success is not always in the numbers. Rebecca from the blog From Roses explains it pretty well if you want more details, but it just means our definition of success can vary between two individuals but also over time. And I’m so glad it is that way because otherwise, my blog would be such a failure. And funnily, I don’t consider it to be such a thing at all. It’s been a success for me because of all the small victories, the personal achievements. And some of them I will enumerate in this post.

Women in business are empowering

I’ve read lots of inspiring stories about successful bloggers making a living thanks to their blog and others taking the next step and start a side or full-time business. Basically, anyone that turns something they love and are passionate about into something they can make a living from, has all my respect. Such stories are very inspiring and it triggers ideas.

I’ve delved into the beauty world

Over the years, I can say I’ve learned a great deal about beauty. I used to never wear makeup, I only started wearing it daily 7 or 8 years ago (I’m now 27). I found it overwhelming at the time and just “not my thing”. And because circumstances change and we never stop to evolve and grow in terms of personality, well I quickly became addicted and eager to know more about the products and application ways. Now my own mom asks me for advice when she’s looking for a new product!

I’ve found my style

My relationship with my body and therefore my clothes have been a bit tricky over the years. We’ve not been best friends. Reading about fashion and taking outfit inspiration from it all has changed my outlook completely and what felt daunting at the time I now consider fun. I like to think about outfit associations and how a single piece could stand out. I’ve learned what shapes do fit me best and I’m more content when I leave the house in the morning. If I can say to myself « Yeah, I look nice today » every day of the week, then it’s a victory. Feeling good about the way I dress does a lot to my state of mind.

There are millions of introverts

What’s truly great about owning a blog and interacting on other people’s blogs, is that I’ve now connected with like-minded people. And if more often than not we’re sharing the same interests, I also know we have a similar lifestyle. And the best thing about blogging is that these people come from all over the world! I also figured out now that it’s completely okay to be a homebody and to not feel at your best within a large group of people. We all have our fair share of personal issues, but it does feel good to know that you’re not the only one facing some of them.

My camera has been a good buddy

I’ve always loved photography but never found many occasions to use it or be creative with it before owning a blog. I’ve never used my camera as much as I have in the last 3 years and I’m so grateful for being able to practice that much. I truly and objectively think my photography has improved since I started this space and it’s not without the inspiration I could get from other blogs where the photography is absolutely outstanding. If I’ve been hesitant before about going out and take photos, I’m much more confident now and wandering the streets alone is simply the best. No one is getting impatient because you’ve just stopped for the millionth time to take a picture. I’m dreaming of upgrading my camera body someday but in the meantime, I’m sure I’ll keep on snapping!

Explore, explore, explore

It goes hand in hand with being inspired by beautiful photography, but reading travel blogs has made me want to go to places I never knew I wanted to see. I think there is so much about nature and cultures that is so different from what we’re accustomed to, that exploring has become something of the highest interest to me. I’d love to see the lakes in Canada, taking the road to the Highlands and Edinburgh, admire Iceland, etc. All of those places I never knew could be so beautiful. I’m grateful my parents have always taken us on holiday while we were young. It’s personally getting more and more tricky for me to find available travel buddies (running out of single friends!) but maybe it’s time I start traveling solo? Scary.

You keep on dreaming

We might think that it is not sane to always want more, that we should be happy with what we own, and it’s true to some extent, but I also think that desire for more doesn’t always translate into something material. Surely reading blogs has made me dream for the perfect interiors, the perfect wardrobe, etc. but more importantly it makes me believe that life is full of possibilities. That I shouldn’t stop wanting to improve some areas of my life, that even if it’s impossible to reach perfection, there is always something to do and to learn from to enrich your personality.

I’m not ashamed anymore

Lastly, I’m not ashamed anymore about reading blogs and writing one. If I’ve been resilient to admit that I’ve been writing a blog a few years ago, today not so much. Or not as much.
I’ve been talking about it to more and more of my IRL friends, and so far I’ve had an amazing response. They mostly say that they’re impressed, that I have taste and a good eye. Which to me means a great deal. I think also times have changed and it is less and less odd now to own a blog than it was a few years ago, people know about them (not necessarily without any misconception about the blogging world, but still, I think it’s a positive outcome).
When I started updating my CV a few months ago, I even added the term « blogs » into my “interests” section. For all of the reasons I’ve listed earlier, I think reading blogs shows openness and that owning one can lead up to commitment and dedication.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog, do it. There’s always space for you on the internet, as long as you use your own voice. If you already have one, what have you learned from it?